Karina Bio

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During the Karina Bio project, I spearheaded a comprehensive redesign of the brand concept, establishing a cohesive digital presence that aligned seamlessly with its identity. One of the key highlights was the creation and development of an all-new e-commerce platform, elevating the customer’s shopping experience to greater heights.

Utilizing effective social media marketing and advertising strategies, I crafted a compelling brand storytelling approach, resulting in heightened brand awareness and deeper customer engagement. This approach proved instrumental in forging stronger connections with the target audience.

To bolster Karina Bio’s market positioning and visibility, I employed a series of brand marketing and commercial strategies. 

Furthermore, I took charge of overseeing the commercialization and digitalization of the online sales processes. This initiative significantly improved overall operational efficiency and effectiveness, paving the way for smoother and more streamlined commercial activities.

Project Requirement
Karina BIO
APR, 2021
JUL, 2022

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