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BP Cube, located in the vibrant Marche region, is a certified incubator that provides a conducive environment for entrepreneurial growth. With several coworking locations, they offer a dynamic space for collaboration and innovation.

Following the consolidation of two distinct brands, namely the Incubator and Coworking, BP Cube sought to present a unified and compelling brand image that would effectively communicate its activities. The primary objective was to convey clarity while adopting a modern and minimalist visual language.

To address these needs, we implemented a technical solution based on WordPress. This versatile platform offered the flexibility and scalability required to showcase BP Cube’s offerings and streamline user experiences. By developing the website in two languages, we aimed to cater to an international audience, ensuring access to essential content and services.

Our approach involved meticulous attention to detail, focusing on user-centered design principles. We crafted a visually appealing and intuitive website interface that aligned with the brand’s identity and values. The clean and modern aesthetic not only enhanced the user experience but also conveyed professionalism and innovation.

Through the integration of WordPress, we ensured seamless navigation and responsiveness across various devices, facilitating easy access to BP Cube’s diverse range of services.

Furthermore, the incorporation of a multilingual system expanded the brand’s reach, enabling effective communication with an international audience. This strategic decision allowed visitors from around the globe to engage with the website and access relevant information in their preferred language.

In conclusion, our collaboration with BP Cube resulted in a visually compelling website that effectively represents the brand’s consolidated activities. The WordPress-based solution, available in multiple languages, serves as a powerful tool to showcase the organization’s offerings and foster engagement with a diverse audience.

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BP Cube
JEN, 2021
DEC, 2022

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