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In the Edizione BM project, I brought to life a fresh concept brand for this unique publishing house that seamlessly blends art and culture, with a specific focus on unconventional authors and writers. My role encompassed designing both the visual and user interface (UI) as well as the user experience (UX) of their e-commerce platform, ensuring a digital presence that perfectly aligned with their distinctive identity.

By developing a captivating visual design and a user-friendly interface, I aimed to enhance the overall customer experience, making it engaging and intuitive. The seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality within the e-commerce platform empowered visitors to explore and purchase their diverse range of literary offerings effortlessly.

The digital strategy implemented for Edizione BM proved to be a resounding success, strategically positioning the brand online and achieving positive outcomes in the market. By highlighting their niche focus on unconventional authors, we garnered significant attention and resonated with a targeted audience passionate about unique literary works.

In conclusion, the Edizione BM project culminated in the creation of a compelling concept brand, an aesthetically pleasing and user-centric e-commerce platform, and an effective digital strategy. The combined efforts have strengthened Edizione BM’s online presence and contributed to its success in the dynamic and competitive world of publishing.

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Edizione BM
DEC, 2022
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