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Stilprojectstore is a company built upon three decades of expertise in the furniture and furnishings industry. Their requirement was to create a new e-commerce platform using a fresh Prestashop instance, with a user interface that aligns with market trends and user preferences.

In addition to developing the e-commerce website, our team focused on implementing a range of integrations and services to enhance the user experience and streamline the sales process. We took on the project right from its inception, with zero sales to its name, and within three years, we successfully propelled it to generate €500,000 in revenue.

The project’s scope encompassed several essential elements to meet the client’s objectives. First and foremost, we meticulously designed the e-commerce platform from scratch, ensuring it aligned with the latest industry standards and showcased products effectively.

To enhance customer engagement and drive sales, we integrated email marketing and automation platforms, enabling targeted and personalized communication. We also facilitated integration with popular marketplaces like Amazon, ManoMano, and eBay, expanding the reach and visibility of Stilprojectstore’s offerings to a broader customer base.

Furthermore, we harnessed the power of Meta and Google Services, allowing for comprehensive tracking and effective digital advertising strategies. By implementing diversified payment methods, we made the purchasing process seamless and convenient for customers.

To combat the issue of abandoned carts, we developed strategies for cart management and recovery, reducing lost sales opportunities and improving overall conversion rates.

The outcome of our collaboration is a successful e-commerce platform that has not only met but exceeded expectations. Through our expertise and strategic implementation, Stilprojectstore has experienced significant growth, establishing a strong online presence and achieving impressive revenue milestones.

Project Requirement
NOV, 2018
JEN, 2023

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