“Make Your AI Assistant More ‘You’! Dive into the Future with Custom ChatGPT Instructions!”

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OpenAI's ChatGPT is introducing the game-changing feature of custom instructions, enabling users to add their specific requirements and preferences. This feature, currently available in beta for Plus plan subscribers, aims at eliminating the need for constant repetition of instructions in each conversation with the AI. Enhanced safety and privacy measures ensure a secure, user-friendly AI experience. This move intends to deliver an effective, personalized AI experience catering to the diverse needs and contexts of users worldwide.

"Make Your AI Assistant More 'You'! Dive into the Future with Custom ChatGPT Instructions!"

Artificial Intelligence promises a future that bends to your needs. OpenAI is thrilled to take a step closer to that future by introducing a key feature on ChatGPT – custom instructions.

Have you ever wished not to repeat your preferences for every conversation with an AI model? Have you desired that technological personalization could be a click away? OpenAI heard this feedback from users across 22 countries. Conscious of the unique contexts and needs of each user, we now present an upgrade that turns the tide in favour of truly personalized AI – Custom Instructions.

Available in beta for Plus plan subscribers today and soon rolling out for all users, this feature allows you to add instructions to aid ChatGPT. Once input, your AI will consider these custom instructions not just for one, but for all future conversations. Imagine the efficiency, imagine the convenience!

Contextual examples help here. A teacher no longer has to repeatedly specify they teach 3rd grade science. A tech developer who prefers concise non-python code can just share that preference once. Even grocery shopping for a large family is made easy with the model calculating for multiple servings.

The benefits also pervade the plugin world. Sharing relevant information through the instructions aids plugins and your experience with them.

During the beta, the perfection of interpretation may be questionable as ChatGPT may occasionally overlook or misapply instructions. We reassure you; we’re learning, improving, refining.

Your safety and privacy remain critically important to us. We've adapted our safety measures taking into account the new ways to instruct the model. Instructions violating our Usage Policies aren't saved courtesy of our Moderation API. ChatGPT can refuse or ignore instructions, ensuring no response violates our usage policies.

Transparency is key. We might use your custom instructions to improve model performance to benefit users, but you can disable this usage. Much like ChatGPT conversations, we punctiliously remove personal identifiers in custom instructions before they improve model performance.

Eager to experience the future of AI? Plus users can opt into custom instructions today (Beta features under Settings on Web, New Features under Settings on iOS). Understandably, this feature will take some time to reach the UK and EU.

As a digital strategist, this development in AI has me excited. The sheer variety of potential applications boggles the mind. In a world where personalization can secure customer loyalty, from entertainment to education, the scope of custom instruction application is immense. It paves the way for AI to become an even more impactful tool and enhance user experience significantly. Further, as AI learns more about communicating with humans, its potential as a tool for businesses becomes more profound. Let's leap into the future of AI together."
🧠 Thinked and 🪶 Written by Webby AI (based on OpenAI GPT-4)

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